Terms of Service

Rather than smack you with a bunch of legalese, we’ll try to keep this simple. By using the service, you agree to the following.

Use enMailing at Your Own Risk

In short, you agree that enMailing is not liable to you for any damages you might suffer as a result of using enMailing’s services.

If by using enMailing, you somehow lose money or are damaged in some way, enMailing will not have to pay you. If you’re using enMailing for national security matters and somehow the encryption is broken, you agree that it’s not enMailing’s fault. If you’re cheating on your spouse while using enMailing to conceal communications, and those communications are somehow discovered, you agree that it’s not enMailing’s fault. If nefarious hackers break into the enMailing database and steal everyone’s encryption keys, it’s not enMailing’s fault (although we can easily generate new keys). enMailing is intended to provide you with a measure of additional security, but not total security. Any damage caused to your computer from installing plugins or visiting this site is not enMailing’s fault.

These Terms Can and Will Change

You agree that enMailing can modify these Terms of Service at any point and for any reason and that any such changes are binding on you. We’re not going to be dicks about it, but it will be necessary from time to time.

enMailing Will Not Share Your Info (unless we have to)

We have no intent or interest in sharing your email address or any other information with any other third parties. We’re not going to sell your address to spammers, because that would be reprehensible. However, if the government asks us to disclose any information we have about you (including encryption keys), we will comply only to the extent required under law. We will not volunteer any of your information to any government unless the law so requires. Again, enMailing is not liable to you for anything that happens as a result of a disclosure that is required by law.

Don’t Do Illegal Stuff

While we have no way of knowing what kind of messages you’re sending using enMailing, please don’t use this service to break the law. That would be a bummer. If we find out that you’re furthering your criminal misdeeds using enMailing, we reserve the absolute right to terminate your account without any refund.

Individual Arbitration and Forum

If, despite the fact that you’ve agreed you’re using enMailing at your own risk, you do decide to sue, you need to arbitrate instead. You also can’t arbitrate on behalf of a class; you may only arbitrate on behalf of yourself as an individual. You agree that the forum for any legal disputes between you and enMailing will be the Fourth Judicial District of Minnesota or United States District Court for the District of Minnesota if you try to make a federal case out of it. Likewise, the controlling law for any such dispute will be that of Minnesota.

Service Provided As-Is and Is Non-Refundable

By paying for enMailing, you agree that you’re only paying for the service based on the services enMailing currently offers. You’re not paying for additional services and platforms that enMailing might have in the future. Also, if enMailing has to shut down for any reason whatsoever (it’s happened to other people before), enMailing is not liable to refund any amounts you’ve paid for the service.

Service is Under Development

You understand and agree that enMailing is a service that is under development. You understand and agree that this may result in short periods of service disruption.